Organic Tears by Eyeganics

Pure, effective, safe. Our USDA-certified organic formulation (patent-pending) is like no other on earth. With cleanly-sourced, organic, plant-based ingredients, Eyeganics Organic Tears offers instant, resilient relief and potent protection against eye dryness and irritation. We guarantee your satisfaction, with free returns for a full refund. The preservative-free bottle technology is easy to use, requiring a steady, sustained squeeze for drops to dispense.



*Fulfilled by our friends at Eyeganics

About the product

  • Eye drops are absorbed into your bloodstream - don't let the potentially toxic industrial chemicals of artificial tears into your eyes and body!
  • Eyeganics Organic Tears is extremely refreshing for dry eyes, with only three ingredients: organic glycerin (oil from organic vegetables), salt, and water.
  • Our superior formulation was developed by doctors - click here to see our story
  • Eyeganics is the only eye drop that is certified organic by USDA: No preservatives, No artificial chemical ingredients, No additives. Soy and Gluten Free.
  • New technology dispenses over 250 preservative-free drops per bottle - an excellent value compared to single-use vials.Note: Our bottle dropper is easy to use, requiring a sustained, steady squeeze to dispense drops.

Eyeganics offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you're not happy with the drops, no problem - you can return them for a full refund.

Benefits & Features

Instant Relief
Long-Lasting Hydration
Easy To Use