Fighting the Mites that Live on Your Eyelids

Demodex mites are one of the most challenging problems that ophthalmologists and optometrists face in the routine care of their patients.

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic eye conditions caused by parasites living on their eyelids. But a revolutionary hygiene spray Avenova®, helps control the conditions and make it impossible for those nasty bugs to survive, bringing relief to countless patients whose eyes are red and painfully dry.

Tiny parasites called demodex mites are a huge problem in America. The parasites burrow into the skin of the eyelids, causing inflammation and plugging glands in the eye that help keep the tear film from evaporating.  As a result, the mites are associated with meibomian gland dysfunction, also known as MGD dry eye.

The combination of mites and bacteria causes blepharitis, a condition suffered by more than 30 million Americans, where the eyes become red, irritated and painful, and crusty debris builds up on the eyelids and eyelashes.

“These microbes are extremely common and yet largely an unknown problem,” says ophthalmologist Kathryn Najafi-Tagol, MD, Founder and Medical Director of the Eye Institute of Marin in California.

“Avenova is the first good weapon that we have to fight these very unpleasant parasites,” says Dr. Najafi. “It’s also remarkably easy to use—just spray it on a cotton pad and wipe the eyelids. It is a remarkable advance in eye care.”

Avenova is manufactured by NovaBay Pharmaceuticals  (NYSE MKT: NBY) through a patented process. It is the only lid hygiene product to contain pure 0.01 percent solution of hypochlorous acid (HOCl). HOCl is a substance that is naturally made by our own cells. In vitro testing shows that NovaBay’s proprietary version kills bacteria, and Dr. Najafi has found that Avenova helps prevent the proliferation of the mites in her patients. “It is also very easy to use,” says Dr. Najafi. “I show my patients how to spray it on their eyelids twice a day. It is completely safe and non-irritating, and my patients find it feels refreshing. My patients who have been suffering for years say that it has finally brought them some relief.”

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    Linda Eardley

    Avenova has been a godsend to me. I find it very refreshing. I use it every day, and my eyelids now look and feel healthy.

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      Michael Mohit

      Hi Linda,

      We are happy that Avenova is helping you and many patients like you. We would like to use your experience as a testimonial video on our website. Please send a note to Michael Mohit, if you are interested.

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