Avenova 40mL

Avenova 40mL

Order Avenova via Our Mail-Order Pharmacies  

Although NovaBay does not sell directly to patients, we have partnered with Allure and MedVantx mail order pharmacies.  Please download the appropriate forms and information pages listed below to get Avenova through one of our mail order pharmacies.  Simply ask your eye doctor or use one of our eye doctors for an Avenova prescription and to complete the forms on your behalf and fax to the appropriate pharmacy.

Avenova® is available only by prescription and there is currently no over-the-counter or generic equivalent. Avenova is manufactured with NovaBay’s Neutrox® proprietary manufacturing process. It is the first and only non-detergent based, prescription eyelid and lash hygiene product containing pure hypochlorous acid that is non-toxic to cells. Other hypochlorous acid products are not the same as Avenova. They have less chemical stability and contain sodium hypochlorite (liquid bleach) impurities that is toxic to cells. 

Avenova can also be purchased with a prescription through the majority of retail pharmacies, including CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreen’s, Costco, Kroger, Safeway and Target.

Avenova / Allure Pharmacy Forms for patients residing in Arizona, California and Nevada. Please download, print and take it with you to your doctor’s office. Thanks You!

depositphotos_27155931-Bouton-internet-pdf-downloading-iconAllure Pharmacy form – to be filled out by your physician.

depositphotos_27155931-Bouton-internet-pdf-downloading-iconAllure Pharmacy information page for Avenova patients and physicians.

Avenova / MedVantx Pharmacy Forms for patients in all 50 states. Please download, print and take it with you to your doctor’s office. Thanks You!

depositphotos_27155931-Bouton-internet-pdf-downloading-iconMedVantx Pharmacy Form and Instructions – to be filled out by your physician.

depositphotos_27155931-Bouton-internet-pdf-downloading-iconMedVantx Pharmacy instruction page for Avenova patients.