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Savings Offer for 40ml Rx only

Check your eligibility and receive your Co-Pay Card today!

Insured Covered Patients Pay As Little As $35*
Insured Not Covered Patients Pay As Little As $60*

Savings Offer

STEP 1. Check your Savings Card eligibility:

Sorry, you are not eligible for the Avenova Co-Pay Card. Patients whose prescriptions are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or a similar federal or state prescription drug program are not eligible for savings programs. Please contact Avenova Customer Care for other savings options.

*Attention Patients – Present the rebate card to the pharmacist with your doctor’s prescription for an instant rebate of up to program maximum, which is subject to change. If your total out-of-pocket pharmacy bill exceeds the program maximum, you will be responsible for the additional balance. Not valid with any other offer. More than one coupon cannot be used per Rx.

One certificate per pharmacy visit. The discount received from the rebate program is valid through the life of the prescription.
The information collected here will not be shared, traded, or sold to any other company. It is for the sole use of Please see our Privacy page for more info.

This rebate is not valid for prescriptions reimbursed under Medicare, Medicaid, or any other federal or state program, or where prohibited by law. Offer valid only for prescriptions filled in the United States. NovaBay® reserves the right to discontinue this offer at any time. It is a violation of federal law to buy, sell, or counterfeit this certificate. Avenova is an eyelid solution for Blepharitis.


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