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Why Avenova?

AVENOVA sets a new standard of hygiene care to help manage MGD Dry Eye. Avenova is the only pure hypochlorous acid (HOCl) product shown to safely manage bioburden on the lids and lashes. This is important when managing MGD patients chronically, as Avenova is the only HOCl product FDA cleared for safe, long term use while reducing bacterial load on the lids and lashes, helping keep your patients lids healthy.


Manages Bacteria Overpopulation1

In a study published in Clinical Ophthalmology, Avenova was shown to reduce the bacterial load significantly without altering the diversity of bacterial species remaining on the skin.


Penetrates Biofilm, killing underlying pathogens2

Avenova has been shown to penetrate biofilm and kill the underlying pathogens.


Inactivates Lipase3

Avenova has been tested to inactivate lipase.


In Vitro Comparisons with Betadine4

Avenova has a wider microbial spectrum than Betadine, covering additional bacterial strains.


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