No-sting relief from burning red, itchy, crusty, inflamed

and irritated eyelids and lashes.

Why is Avenova® different? While there is a plethora of OTC products, Avenova with pure hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is the only spray solution available by prescription. It is the only lid & lash hygiene that contains pure o.o1% hypochlorous acid (HOCl) that is non-toxic to cells. Other hypochlorous acid products are not the same as Avenova. They have less chemical stability and have sodium hypochlorite (liquid bleach) impurities that is toxic to cellsPlease ask your colleagues about Avenova and Read the Avenova buzz by MDs and ODs. 

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Avenova Mimics the Body’s Immune Response

Hypocholorous acid is released from neutrophil cells. In the body, the function of hypochlorous acid includes anti-microbial activity; neutralization of bacterial inflammatory toxins and the body’s inflammatory mediators; prevention of biofilm, and deactivation of enzymes.


Avenova Won’t Sting on Application

Patients with itchy, burning and irritated eyes have enough to deal with. Avenova’s soothing application doesn’t sting, which encourages compliance with a daily hygiene regimen. 

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Avenova Relieves Itchy, Burning and Irritated Eyelids

Avenova works without creating mammalian cell toxicity, bacterial resistance, and it’s well tolerated for daily use.  Read the Avenova buzz by MDs and ODs. 

The Difference Two Weeks with Avenova Can Make

Before and After Treatment for Blepharitis