Prescribe & Savings Offer | Avenova

Prescribe & Savings Offer

How to Prescribe

Avenova is available to patients by prescription, through pharmacies nationwide.

  • Avenova is supplied in a 40mL glass bottle. A glass bottle is required to preserve the safety and efficacy of pure HOCl. Don't be fooled by inferior HOCl products that come in plastic bottles. There is no equivalent to Avenova.
  • Write "Do Not Substitute" on your patients prescription to ensure they receive Avenova with pure HOCl. There is no generic of Avenova.
  • Avenova should be used twice daily (or as directed) and is intended for everyday use. This purity allows patients to use Avenova every day for long-term use.

Co-Pay Coupon

Your insured covered patients can receive their 40mL Avenova prescription for as little as $35 using our Co-Pay Card. Those patients who are insured and not covered can receive their Avenova prescription for as little as $60.

All they have to do is bring their Avenova Co-Pay Card along with their prescription to the pharmacy for an instant savings.

Patients can check if they are eligible for an Avenova Co-Pay Card and instantly download the card here.