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Literature on Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and Eyelid Hygiene


Revisiting the Vicious Circle of Dry Eye Disease: a Focus on the Pathophysiology of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction
by Christophe Baudouin, Elisabeth M Messmer, Pasquale Aragona, Gerd Geerling, Yonca A Akova, José Benítez-del-Castillo, Kostas G Boboridis, Jesús Merayo-Lloves, Maurizio Rolando, Marc Labetoulle

Reduction in Bacterial Load Using Hypochlorous Acid Hygiene Solution on Ocular Skin
by David W Stroman, Keri Mintun, Arthur B Epstein, Crystal M Brimer, Chirag R Patel, James D Branch, Kathryn Najafi-Tagol

Comparison of Bacterial Lipase Activity in the Presence of Eye Lid Cleansers
by A. Epstein, L. Pang , C. Noorbakhsh, K. Najafi-Tagol, R. Najafi, D. W. Stroman, D. Debabov, Phoenix Eye Care – The Dry Eye Center of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ, NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Emeryville, CAEye Institute Of Marin, San Rafael, CA