Avenova is Prescribed, Tested and Recommended by Ophthalmologists and Optometrists


Avenova® is Ideal Alone or Used Concomitantly with Other Products as a Daily

Lid and Lash Hygiene Regimen

Before and After Treatment for Blepharitis

  • Steroids and Antibiotics

    •  Avenova is safe to use chronically after acute regimens
    • Avenova avoids the chronic ocular side effects associated with steroids and antibiotics
  • Xiidra® and Restasis®

    • Avenova onset of action is fast
    • Avenova mechanism of action compliments Xiidra and Restasis
    • Avenova manages lid disease variables (i.e. microorganisms and debris, itchy and scratchy eyelids) that Xiidra and Restasis do not
  • Tea Tree Oil

    • Avenova is more comfortable than tea tree oil
    • Avenova manages variables of Demodex infestation tea tree oil does not
  • Mechanical Lid Expression (Lipiflow®)

    • Avenova is ideal management therapy before and after Lipiflow
  • Micro-Sponge Along Lids and Lashes (Blephex®)

    • Avenova is ideal management therapy before and after Blephex

Avenova® with pure hypochlorous acid can be used as an essential lid and lash hygiene regimen for:

  • Ocular surgical procedures

  • After make-up removal to normalize flora

  • Before and after contact lens wear

Avenova is gentle, refreshing, and soothing for everyday eyelid and eyelash hygiene and is available in a 40 mL glass bottle with a fine mist spray pump.  See what other MDs or ODs say about Avenova.

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