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Kind Words from Our Dry Eye and Blepharitis Patients

  • I love Avenova! I have clogged meibomian glands...
    Maile Mayer
    I love Avenova! I have clogged meibomian glands and have had problems with dry eye for years. I heard about Avenova through Sara Rosemergy. I began using it the day after she told me about it, and I started to notice results within 2-3 weeks. It has been so refreshing in the morning and evening to spray on my face! I am honestly able to notice a difference in my day-to-day activities and nighttime driving. It has even cleared up my face! Everyone should use Avenova!
  • Love Avenova, it is such a great help for my dry, ...
    Deborah Bryant
    Love Avenova, it is such a great help for my dry, red, itchy eyes.
  • I am using Avenova again so I can get the results I need...
    Travis Nagle
    My doctor’s office provided me with an over-the-counter (OTC) product containing hypochlorous acid for my eyelid condition. I had used Avenova before, and found that Avenova was easier to use than the OTC product. Avenova had a more fluid consistency, it left my lids clean and without debris, and the condition of my eyelid improved. The OTC product was too thick so it made it harder to apply. My eyelashes would be sticking together after using the OTC product, and then in the morning I would wake up with debris left from the cleanser. After using the OTC product for a few weeks, the condition of my eyelid worsened and had more swelling and redness than before I started using it. Because of the problems associated with the OTC product, I made the decision to have my doctor prescribe me with Avenova again so I can get the great results I need.
  • This product, Avenova does wonders! I'm truly satisfied with the outcome...
    Mandy Danczyk
    This product, Avenova does wonders! I was doing the baby shampoo cleanses, and that never worked for me. Finally, my ophthalmologist recommended that I try Avenova, and it does wonders. I was getting so aggravated because there weren’t any resolutions to my dry eye and blepharitis until I started using this product. I use it as directed by my ophthalmologist. I won't try anything else now. This product is just amazing. My eyes are finally containing moisture. Before using this product, it was little to no moisture even with my eye drops for dry eye. I'm truly satisfied with the outcome.
  • Avenova is absolutely the miracle product for me...
    Ellen Klinck
    Avenova is absolutely the miracle product for me. I was diagnosed with Sjogren's several years ago including dry eyes and blepharitis along with rosacea. Thus, my eyes were always irritated, red, gritty and puffy. I tried different eye drops including Restasis and even tried LipiFlow treatment, but nothing changed. About 3 months ago, my eye doctor prescribed Avenova; it was difficult to find a local pharmacy to fill it but I was able to order it through an out of state pharmacy. One month after using Avenova, my eyes were less gritty and less red. Now, the redness is gone and I have much less irritation less frequently. I recently recommended Avenova to a friend who lives in Singapore and hope the product is available there soon. Thanks to Avenova, my eyes are feeling so much better after all these years!
  • Avenova eliminated my eyelid problems...
    Preston Mccoy
    I have been using the product for over a year and it has eliminated my eyelid problems with Blepharitis. I used to use an antibiotic ointment but no longer need it. Avenova is an effective product.
  • This product is truly a miracle…
    Maria Sulewski
    Just wanted to say I've been using Avenova for about 6 weeks. I noticed improvement in my symptoms the very next day, and after that the symptoms went entirely away. I can't believe that for over 10 years of suffering with Dry Eye Syndrome, blepharitis and MGD that there is a product that totally eliminates all the pain, discomfort and swelling. This product is truly a miracle. Thanks so much!
  • I searched for products with no harsh chemicals...
    Lisa Covington
    Avenova is the answer to my prayers! Thank you NovaBay Pharmaceuticals for the fantastic, natural product you have created for eye problems. Having blepharitis is a challenge, especially being a woman. I was diagnosed over a year ago. Giving up my mascara, only wearing it for special events has been difficult. Sunglasses covered my eyes at all times when leaving my home as light bothered me. I had searched for products with no harsh chemicals or antibiotics when a friend who also suffers from blepharitis introduced me to Avenova . Today I use Avenova on a daily basis and would not be without it.
  • My eyes have never felt or looked better...
    Eric J McClintock
    After wearing contacts without problems for 20 years I was diagnosed with MGD and blepharitis and after 2 weeks of using Avenova my eyes have never felt or looked better. I'm definitely impressed!
  • No other product has given me the relief Avenova provides...
    Jen D.
    As a blepharitis sufferer, my ophthalmologist recommended that I start on a twice-daily regimen of Avenova to combat the chronic symptoms I was experiencing. Within a few days my eyes had stopped itching and soon after that, all the redness went away too. I stopped using Avenova for about a week and my symptoms immediately returned. As soon as I returned to my Avenova regimen, my symptoms were once again under control. I now know how important practicing daily lid and lash hygiene with Avenova is to managing my blepharitis. I call Avenova a "miracle product" and believe in it so fervently that I amrecommending it to my family members who also have blepharitis. No other product has given me the relief Avenova provides! Thank you NovaBay and your wonderful Customer Care Department for going above and beyond to ensure that I continue to be a satisfied customer.
  • I noticed a big improvement with my eyes in just one week...
    Mona Pennington
    I am a 58-year-old female and have had problems with my eyes since I was a child. I have a condition that causes swelling of the eyelids – blistering, scaling, burning, stinging, redness and dryness of the eye. My ophthalmologist was concerned by my painful symptoms and referred me to a specialist who concluded the problem was due to an allergic reaction. He prescribed an oral steroid prescription but after a couple of weeks there was no change with my symptoms. After searching the Internet I stumbled upon the NovaBay Pharmaceuticals website. They were introducing a new, breakthrough product for blepharitis called Avenova. The next day I made an appointment with my ophthalmologist. During my examination I told my doctor about Avenova. I think he was as excited as I was that there was a new product for managing blepharitis, so he wrote me a prescription. I noticed a big improvement with my eyes in just one week. Within two weeks they were, and still are, completely cleared up. Many thanks to all of the skilled professionals that have worked so hard to create a [hygiene] product that works for those suffering (as I have) from blepharitis.
  • Grateful that there is product that has no side effects...
    I had been suffering for many years with Blepharitis, which caused me painful eyes, redness, swelling and mucus discharge. My optometrist suggested Avenova. I cannot describe the relief I felt after just a few applications of Avenova. By the end the first week the swelling went down, the redness was gone and the discharge stopped. It was a true miracle. I use it religiously morning and night and am grateful that there is product that has no side effects and has been so beneficial to the pain and suffering that I was experiencing daily. Thank you!!
  • There have been moments when I questioned the quality of my life..
    Marilyn A.
    I have suffered from Blepharitis for quite some time now and I must admit there have been moments when I questioned the quality of my life; summers, whether at the mountains or on the beach, were not quite as fun with eyelids that were constantly stinging and burning. Workplace discomfort also factored into this; just wanted to get home and rest my tired, uncomfortable eyes. By chance, I discovered Avenova for hygiene care on a website and what an absolute Godsend this eyelid cleanser has become for me! I use it once in the morning and I can usually sail through the day with little or no discomfort (wearing mascara also!) Seasonal allergies kick in, but even then, Avenova comes to the rescue and I am bright eyed and very comfortable. I have spent a fortune on eye drops and all sorts of medications to no avail...Please continue manufacturing this "wonder" product, and I will continue to be a very loyal customer. Thanks again!
  • My doctor said Avenova is different; it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or antibiotics..
    Linda Cornwell
    INCREDIBLE! This is the most amazing product and I only wish I had known about it sooner. For 3 years now I have experienced prolonged eye symptoms of dryness, itching and irritation, redness, burning, watering eyes, feeling like there is something in my eyes, blurry vision, eye fatigue and I have chronic dry eye. My eye doctor diagnosed me with Blepharitis along with dry eye and prescribed Avenova [for hygiene care]. Now I’m not big fan of taking medications of any kind and have tried natural and over the counter remedies that have not worked. My doctor said Avenova is different; it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or antibiotics, and that it wouldn’t hurt my eyes and it is natural! I started using Avenova that night and, wow, what a difference! By the end of the first week there was a huge improvement with my eyes. The relief from the swelling and burning and blurring vision and all the other symptoms is so wonderful. I read where someone wrote that they are calling Avenova a “miracle product” and I would doubly agree with that statement. My life has improved greatly because my eyes have improved tremendously with the use of Avenova.
  • Avenova stopped that pain and gave me my life back...
    Jim C
    I have suffered with dry eye for ten years. The last three have been a nightmare. I was diagnosed with blepharitis and treated with steroids and an oral antibiotic. I suffered from stage three cataracts followed by lens replacements in both eyes. Nothing stopped the constant pain (similar to having soap in my eyes). During my own research, I found out that bacteria produces waste that is chemically almost identical to soap. Avenova stopped that pain and gave me my life back! Finding it online was truly an answered prayer. Thank you so very much.
  • Able to wear contact lenses again...
    Jeff Rennell
    I have suffered with Belphritis for over 4 years. During that time, I was unable to wear my contact lenses. I had tried many over the counter products but for me, nothing worked. After I had been on Avenova for only two weeks I was able to wear my contacts lens again. I feel like my old self.
  • Thank you, Avenova, for the relief...
    Cheryle Harwood
    I have been under the care of an ophthalmologist for 10 years for extreme dry eyes due to Sjogrens Syndrome. I am on several eye drops a day including Autologous Drops, which are made from the serum in my blood. My eye health improved but I was still suffering with blepharitis. Since using Avenova for approximately 6 months the swelling, redness, irritation and burning have greatly improved. Thank you Avenova for the relief. Also the customer service representative was very helpful answering all my questions. Thanks Jen!
  • My eyes feel clean and refreshed after use...
    Julie LeMieux
    I have been using Avenova for the past 4 months. It’s easy to use and works miracles for my eyelids. I have both blepharitis and MGD in both eyes and use this 3 times a day after a warm soak. My eyes feel clean and refreshed after use. I will never be without this product and I tell everyone I know about how well it works for me. I know there is no cure for blepharitis but this is the closest product I have found that gives results. If you’re in doubt give it a fair try, like a month, and you will see a difference. Great product and excellent customer service. Shipping is fast as well. Again, great company and great product.
  • My vision is no longer impaired due to the mucus film...
    James N. Trifelos, JD, Esq.
    I had been diagnosed with Keratoconus approximately eight years ago and have been wearing Sclera lenses in order to function since being diagnosed. About a year ago, I developed a condition whereby excessive mucus discharge would accumulate in my eyes resulting in extreme difficulty and discomfort. A mucus film would develop over my lenses severely inhibiting my vision. This past Friday, I started Avenova. I applied Avenova at 5:30 pm after removing, cleaning and re-inserting my lenses. I noticed a significant improvement immediately. At 6:00 pm, I reapplied the Avenova and continued to notice a marked improvement. I was able to wear my contact lenses without the developing of the mucus the rest of the evening. I now use Avenova 2x per day and the condition has resolved by 95%. My vision is no longer impaired due to the mucus film and I can function with my Sclera lenses like normal. Thank you for finding the solution to my problem.
  • I woke up early and realized I could see my clock...
    Kathy Pyeatt
    I started using Avenova approximately 3 & 1/2 weeks ago on the advice of my ophthalmologist, a corneal specialist. I had been in severe pain and losing my sight for the last seven months and honestly, have just about given up any hope. There was talk of corneal transplants. I have spent tons of money on prescription eyewashes, drops, etc., all to no avail. My doctor prescribed your product, Avenova along with another prescription eye drop. Yesterday morning, I woke up early and realized I could see my clock! I could see my prescription bottles, my glare issues were much better and today my vision is almost back to what it was previously to this seven-month ordeal. The first time I used your product, I noticed immediate ease and relief with no stinging or burning. I hope to never be without this product again. Please keep up the good work. My brother, a retired optometrist, is also extremely impressed. Thank you, thank you!
  • There has to be a product that helps...
    Jeff K.
    My eyes felt and looked red for quite a while, I went to my optometrist and he said it is blepharitis and told me to cleanse my eyes with diluted baby shampoo, twice daily. That helped some, but my eyes still felt irritated. I thought there has to be a product that helps. When I Googled blepharitis and read about Avenova, it sounded like it was worth trying. My doctor's office gave the o.k. I felt improvement in a few uses and my eyes looked less irritated.
  • I am amazed how much debris and junk is removed...
    Daniel Csaki
    Thank you for creating such a pure and wonderful product, my eyes and eye lids are now clean and clear of debris. I have suffered for years every morning trying every product from eyewash to soap-based eyelid cleanser, nothing gave me relief from the debris and junk in my eyes. I start my morning with Avenova and I am amazed how much debris and junk is removed and leaving my eyes and lids clean and refreshed. Thank you all for a product that has changed my life for the better.
  • I remain amazed at how fast it worked...
    Dr. André Ruedi
    I have had blepharitis for 20 years and tried other medications without getting much relief. With my first use of Avenova, felt immediate relief, and a big improvement in vision, as well as a decrease in swelling of eyelids. Avenova is an amazing product I didn't realize how much my vision was impacted by the blepharitis until Avenova cleared it up and suddenly I can see much better! I remain amazed at how fast it worked, improving my vision and the redness within minutes! I give it my highest recommendation. Avenova is nothing short of miraculous!
  • Relieves what I thought would be unending suffering...
    Linda RC
    I have been suffering for many years with tearing, painful eyes and red, swollen, unsightly eyelids. I tried the regime of hot compresses and washing with baby shampoo twice a day, acupuncture, herbs, and ointments that made little or no difference and in some cases made things much worse!
  • Soothing effect that almost immediately began to calm the eye irritation...
    I’d like to share that I had a wonderful experience with Avenova. The product is fantastic and truly worked for me. After the initial application, as directed by my physician, there was a soothing effect that almost immediately began to calm the eye irritation. Over the course of several days, the irritation was cleared. This is a fine quality and highly effective product that works well and is easy and indeed soothing to use.
  • I found instant relief and have been using it ever since..
    John Moore
    have had blepharitis for over ten years and have tried a variety of treatments with little to no relief. Some of those treatments included using Cetaphil cleanser and various antibiotics. The first time that I felt anything really help was after my doctor prescribed me Avenova. I found instant relief and I have been using it ever since in the mornings after applying a warm compress. Today, I feel so much better and the biggest reason has beenthe use of Avenova. I am so happy with the results and will continue to use this product!