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How to Prescribe

Avenova is available to patients by prescription, through pharmacies nationwide.

•Avenova is supplied in a 40mL glass bottle. A glass bottle is required to preserve the safety and efficacy of pure HOCl. Don't be fooled by inferior HOCl products that come in plastic bottles. There is no equivalent to Avenova.

•Write "Do Not Substitute" on your patients prescription to ensure they receive Avenova with pure HOCl. There is no generic of Avenova.

•Avenova should be used twice daily (or as directed) and is intended for everyday use. This purity allows patients to use Avenova every day for long-term use.

Where to Send Your Prescriptions

Where To Send Your Prescriptions We have contracted with ImprimisRx and a wide network of Pharmacies across the country. With these partnerships we are able to establish the best possible pricing for the 40mL prescription bottle of Avenova.

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Literature On Meibomian Gland Dysfunction And Eyelid Hygiene

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Literature On The Effectiveness of Avenova and Hypochlorous Acid 0.01%

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Avenova Offers Key Benefits in Glaucoma Care
by Dr. I. Paul Singh


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